We are a group of Icon community members that have been connected by our passion to empower the community. We strive to be a community focused ICON P-REP with open and transparent governance

By the community for the community

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ICON REP is a community ICON P-REP that

  • is made up of community members that will focus on the every day individual that holds an invested interested in the ICON network by holding ICX

  • represents the community on the ICON network with a community based node

  • provides open, fair and transparent governance

  • develops ICON products that can be used by the community and stimulate ICX network growth

  • provides ICON tutorials and guides for the community

  • have meetups to grow the community network

  • we will strive to execute our Icon duties always with the community in mind, will always be "by the community for the community"


Providing a community node for block creation and verification

We will ensure we provide a ICON node that is 

Fast Performance

To ensure the node doesn't miss any blocks we will provide a server that meets network requirements and has fast internet access


We will ensure we run a backup node to ensure high availability

Top Security

A node will be deployed with high security standards to ensure the network is not compromised

Hardware Specification

Main Node

Instance : C5.9xlarge

CPU : 36 cores

RAM : 72 GB

Network : 10 Gbps

Test Node    

Instance : C5.9xlarge

CPU : 36 cores

RAM : 72 GB

Network : 10 Gbps


Team Members


Blockchain enthusiast with a passion for educating individuals. Will keep the community informed with tutorials specific to ICX. Team founder and responsible for team governance


Marketing lead & community manager with several years in cross industry marketing. Mission is to make ICON known to the masses and increase adoption


Multidisciplinary developer that will develop content specific for Icon community. Several years of developing on several blockchain technologies 



 ICON news coming soon. Hang in there



A large percentage of the rewards from the node will be shared with the community members that vote/elect us as a ICON P-REP

As we get closer to ICON P-REP this rewards section will have more complete information

Be in Touch

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